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At Huntridge, we are driven by a deep-rooted passion for horses and unwavering commitment to excellence. Founded by Halie Robinson in 2019, Huntridge has evolved into an equestrian venture known for top-tier training, exceptional care, and personalized attention to horses and students. We pride ourselves on catering to a distinct clientele: individuals who share our commitment to the highest levels of equestrian achievement. We seek clients who are passionate about reaching their goals, whether it’s in competition at distinguished events like Indoors or forging a successful business in horse trading. Our niche lies in providing a semi-private environment that fosters individualized attention and tailored programs for both riders and horses.

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Meet the Founder

Halie’s journey began at the age of two when she first sat on a pony at a friend’s birthday party and refused to dismount. This early affinity for horses laid the foundation for her lifelong connection to horses. Halie spend her junior career at Elvenstar Farm. Her willingness to ride any horse, anytime, anywhere, propelled her into the ranks of renowned junior catch-riders. Early morning rides, full school days, and evening training sessions became the norm as she passionately pursed her love for the sport and the horses. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Psychology from Chapman University, Halie has combined her academic knowledge with a wealth of practical experience to create a unique equestrian environment.


During her distinguished equestrian career, Halie has collaborated with some of the finest hunter and equitation professionals in the country, included esteemed judges and exclusive horse dealers. This invaluable experience has honed her ability to not only ride at show at the highest levels but also to excel in developing young horses for remarkable careers. 

What Sets Us Apart:
  • Unmated Attention to Detail: The essence of Huntridge lies in its ability to provide unparalleled attention to each client and horse. Our limited program size ensures that every aspect of training, care, and development is meticulously crafted for success. 

  • Extensive Network: With connection spanning across the country and Europe, we offer opportunities for buying, selling, showing, training, and networking, opening doors to diverse equestrian experiences. 

  • Top-Tier Support: Our commitment to excellence extends to our top-level grooms, veterinarians, farriers, facility, and barn management, ensuring that every facet of your horse’s well-being is optimized. 

  • Personalized Flexibility: We pride ourselves in crafting programs that cater to the unique needs of each horse and rider, accommodating schedules, locations, and goals

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